Who you’re getting yourself into.

8 Apr
Some say life is life. Make what you want of it.
I say life is a gift. Do what the Lord gives you.

During our time on this earth, we are all constantly going and growing.

No matter where you live and how busy or how peaceful it is.

We grow and we die. Being a child of God, we are able to grow in two ways and die in another two ways. We never stop growing and we should never stop dying. Die to yourself and live for Him. This site is an area of my growth. It may be consistent, but it may not. The goal is to show my life, my love, my passion, and my Father.


Growing = Suburb living with an adoration for fashion and photography

Growing = Frolicking around the city streets

Growing = Sent to mountainous Montana

Growing = Thrown back into the concrete life

Growing = Growing never can become grown


One Response to “Who you’re getting yourself into.”

  1. Kelly S. Friday at 10 #

    Your incredible. I love you Darla and pray you do continue to grow.

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