Moi and Nonfictional Facts

8 Apr

Never was I going to do something like this, but I have fallen into it. I am going to do a 30 day challenge.

Day 1 = Moi & Nonfictional Facts

1. My name is Darla Maxine

2. I love the state of Montana

3. The Lord has captured my heart at the end of ninth grade

4. An obsession is me adoring owls

5. The best purchase I have ever made was buying A Walk to Remember for three bucks

6. A blessing is all the doors God has opened in my life

7. Some think I am rude or mean, because of my facial expressions

8. Whenever I cry and I do not want to cry, I end up laughing hysterically

9. My life is a movie. (no joke)

10. A goal, dream, and passion is to open a homeless shelter one day

11. Patience and contentment are the two things that always come up

12. Just like the movie UP, I too am going to make an adventure book

13. Another dream is to invest in a lovely priced camera

14. This is the third blog that I have made in the last 7 months (hopefully this one lasts longer)


One Response to “Moi and Nonfictional Facts”

  1. Denise Sunday at 9 #

    i love u darla poop

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