A single soul dwelling in two bodies

10 Apr

What is a friend? It is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Day two is about the person you’ve been the closest two for the longest. I have known a lot of my friends for about the same amount of time. So as I looked through photos and a thought about which friend I am the closest to and have been the closest to for the longest, I had many options and possibilities, but I chose Brooke Anne.

This is a girl who has gone through hell and back. She is a girl that fell and with God, prayer, and encouragement has gotten back up and is walking a strong walk.

I met Brooke in either fourth or fifth grade (I am pretty sure it was fourth though) at church. We used to talk and giggle the entire service and she was always the one that got sent out to the hallway to count to 3000. She started coming over everyday during the summer of our early junior high years. She was always the girl that people said was mean, scary, and rude… But it was just Brooke. This is a girl that hides everything so well. It’s nuts. I knew she was going through a lot of stuff in her family, but I did not really know nor understand everything.

Growing up, she was used to having her dad go in and out of hospitals, back and forth to doctor appointments, and having him be sick one day and kinda better the next. He was battling cancer and it caused the entire family to fight with him. Being in only junior high and the youngest in the family, my friend started going through that part I call hell.

Freshman year is what I call my wake up year. A couple days after thanksgiving, my Grandmom, who was also battling cancer, went to be with the Lord and Brooke was by my side the entire time. On Christmas day, Brooke too lost someone. That someone was her dad.

Our flesh is quick to anger and Brooke flung that anger onto the Lord. She backslid and again, was made to hide all her emotions inside. I stayed beside this girl and she stayed next to me all the way through high school and we put up with all the petty drama and ridiculousness of going to a small school.

At the end of senior, I revived my walk and Brooke just kept living. This is a girl I care so dearly about and I did not want her to fall even deeper when I left in the fall.

After many hours of prayer and many times chatting and just giving her love, Brooke started coming out to college and career and reviving her walk with the Lord. And then… Then it was time for me to say ciao and go to Montana.

I’ve never been so nervous to leave someone in my entire life. I was so scared that my best friend would fall right back into all the stuff Satan was tempting her with before, but I was wrong. I had such little faith praying for her. She kept walking and is still walking. God has taken a grasp on her life and she is holding on to Him with everything she’s got. I’m not saying she is perfect, but she is growing.

Lord willing, Brooke Anne will continue to be my friend and years from now, I will be able to write another blog post about my long had friend. If she ever comes to your mind, please pray that the Lord continues to do a work in her life and guide her and also that she follows in His paths for her life. This girl is what made me realize what true friendship is and that no matter what happens, she will always love me (or at least I hope she will!). And she has been what made me learn to pray in faith that God can do anything. Because He can. And He is.


2 Responses to “A single soul dwelling in two bodies”

  1. Denise Sunday at 12 #

    Amen! God can do anything. And He holds authority over everything.

  2. Denise Sunday at 9 #

    i love u darla poop

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