Enemy VS. Friend

21 Apr

There are Enemies and there are Friends in life, but there are always the people who stick closer than a brother (or in my case it’s a sister too). As I thought about who to choose for this day, I couldn’t choose. There are so many different people who have made and impact on my life. Brittany Rose, Erin Nicole, Laura Miller, Erin Murphy, Emily Ann, Kendyl-Lou, Elo Chrobo, Rae Mae, and O so many more people. Literally, that list of eight names is only the beginning.

Since sixth grade, I’ve known Mike Focht… He was the Junior High assistant pastor and then moved up to Senior High around the same time I did. He saw me before I seriously started walking with the Lord, prayed for and with me many times, saw me start walking with the Lord, and is now watching me continue to grow post-high school. He has been role model to me and I know to many other people at Calvary.

I know I have written about Brooke in a previous post, but I have known her for so long that she has made an impact on me. She puts up with all my crap and I put up with her moods. We have brought each other closer to the Lord through everything.

I wish I had a photo with him, or even of him… A man who has made a large impact on my life is Mark Abrams. Not little Markus, but his our dad, Pastor Mark Abrams. I have known little Markus and Daddy Mark since sixth grade, when I started doing outreaches with Junior High in the city. Working with Mark created my passion for the homeless, needy, and city of Philadelphia. His smile, love for reaching the unsaved, and love for me has been such a blessing the last seven years.

Last, but NOT least… Sara Marie. O golly. I’ve known this girl for about five years. Since I was fifteen. Yes. If you know anything about me, you will know that it is physically impossible for me to have known her since I was fifteen and that friendship be alive for five years, because I am only eighteen. Well, that is how time works with Sara and I. It moves on her side and I stay the same. Some people do not know that we are friends, but we most definitely are. She is my big sister. She has probably been stressed out and annoyed many, many, MANY times with me, but we have grown closer through it all. We met while helping at a Junior High Retreat and since then, we have been best friends. The other night, while talking to her in MY car, we both realized how our relationship has matured. We are both growing into women of the Lord and girls that are living for Him. Brooke has put up with a lot of my nonsense and so has Sara. While Brooke has been here with me through it, Sara has taken sometime and gone to Bible college all over the world. It is crazy how one person can make such a large impact on you, and that when you go to write about them, you do not know how to place anything in words.

Friends are friends no matter what. It is true that it is hard work to be a good friend. It takes commitment, love, patience, and time. I would say that I have been blessed and am lucky to have so many people in my life that I love and would call a friend.


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  1. tif Thursday at 1 #

    sara marie is my hero <3!!!!

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