25 Apr

You have a Bucket List. I have an Adventure List. I doubt there’s a need to say anything else.

1. Go Hot Air Ballooning

2. Help the Homeless

3. Grow a Pear Tree

4. Have a Pet Hedgehog named, Harriet

5. Witness a Miracle

6. Get Married

7. Travel to Africa

8. Live in the City

9. Help Paint a Mural

10. Watch Something turn Beautiful

11. Adopt

12. Write a Children’s Book

13. Travel to Austrailia

14. Get a Dog named, Pistachio

15. Go Sail Boating

16. Have a Star Named After Me

17. Go to a Play on Broadway

18. Go on a Picnic (with a puppy)

19. Send a Message in a Bottle

20. Go to a Ball

21. Ride in a Taxi

22. Learn Spanish

23. Read Through All of the Books of the Bible

24. Go to a Butterfly Garden

25. Visit the Giraffe

26. Go to an Orchestra

27. Re-Visit Montana.

And… The List Continues to Grow.


One Response to “UP”

  1. tif Monday at 1 #

    when i was little i loved the book “i will love you forever” (even though it was so depressing and horribly sad) because I knew how much april HATED that book and I would make my mom read it to me over and over because it bothered her…is that mean???

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