27 Apr

The last 6 1/2 months, I have been away. To a place that I now call “home”… It is and will always be a place that is very dear to my heart. O Montana. What have you done to me. Everyone there has had such a large impact on me. But there’s a few people that just stuck out extra much… And blessed me in special ways.

1. My Lovelies in the Dorm…

Cortney: My “Den Mother” and “Auntie Cortney”… She was there late at night when I just needed to let stuff out and verbalize my mind. She put up with my “looks” and taught me the word “Freak”. When I first arrived in Montana, I would get up and leave if she walked in the room (and she NEVER will let me forget that).

Emily: O “If you were mine”… Since I am a city girl, having Emily around was like having that piece of Philadelphia with me. She did not just help me with my outfits everyday and love weddings, but also encouraged me to stay and continue growing. Every time I see a bird, I now think of her…

Kendyl-Lou: My lovely roommate. I think I was one of the luckiest girls. I had a room with just Kendyl for almost an entire month. Having only us two in the room allowed us to have personal and deep conversations. She showed me what a healthy, Christian relationship looks like and how to be patient. She never failed to make me laugh and never failed to have me almost kill her, when she was on the phone, and i opened our closet door.

2. My Adorable (vain) Chica…

  Erin Murphy: This woman is the most Vain woman I have ever met… But in all seriousness. She is the woman who had the biggest impact on my life in Montana. Even though I did not cry, when she dropped me off at the airport, I does not mean I do not love her. She helped me through my ginormous meltdown in the beginning of my Montana time, through different issues that came up, knocked some sense into me, and through it all, she was my friend. She knew how to perfectly balance herself and it helped keep me in line. I am thankful I went through the program after she was put on staff, because without my dear Erin Murphy, I do not know how I would have been able to done it.

3. My Mountainous Father…

  Bruce!: Hi Bruce! Everyday. Literally. Usually when I meet people that like nature, hunting, and eating tons of meat, I am not really able to have any type of conversation or relationship with them. But with Bruce, he turned into a dad figure for me. I still do not know what it was about him, but it just worked. I may have not have talked to him about everything, but he made me laugh (which was very much needed in the beginning) and you can tell that he is a man of God and is living his life fully for him.

4. My Platinum Twin…

  Brittany Rose: Ahhh! O how do I miss her! I remember meeting this girl and thinking 1. She has such blonde hair and 2. She is wearing sneakers from Urban…. During our time in Montana, Brittany and I grew close because we both HATED being in Montana and we fed off each other and kept making it worse. And then, one day, we both loved it and never wanted to leave. It’s crazy to think and see how much we have both grown and how much has happened since we met… Such as her getting MARRIED. It’s awesome. I have made and friend. A best friend. One that I will have for forever and she is someone that I want in my life, because I know she will keep me accountable and call me out and truly love me.

5. My… I do not know what he is…

  Pastor Michael: How on earth do I explain who he is to me, or who he is in general. When I talk to people that do not know him and tell them that he always makes me cry, they are not able to understand why. Pastor Michael cares. He cares that you do what God tells you to do. He wants to see you succeed. He wants to see you let your life be used as a tool to help grow the kingdom of God. He truly and genuinely loves everyone on staff at the ranch, all of the interns, his family, his friends, and anyone that he crosses paths with. He knows what it is like to live FULLY for the Lord and what it is like to not be living like that. That is usually why I cry. He loves like God loves.

These words I have written about these people are not to be taken lightly. I could write a book about each of them and tell about all the stories, memories, and the impact they have made on me and on many others, but I like to make things short and sweet.


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  1. tif Wednesday at 11 #

    i couldn’t believe you didn’t update yesterday i was a little disappointed 😉

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