Sending Off

3 May

Dear Justine Huntington, Natalie Neels, and Justin Tracy Huseman… Today is your commissioning. I can NOT believe that the three of you are finished! I’ll be praying for you all this evening and also in the future. I love you all and I’m so thankful I was able to get to know you guys for a majority of your time!

Girls, have fun in Costa Rica!!! Be safe and be ALL there so the Lord can use you in the extent that He wants!

Justin, I’m excited that you are going to be at the ranch for more time. I’m actually pretty jealous. Hahahaha But seriously, don’t be content there. When we are in a place for a certain length of time, we usually end up being very much fine where we are at. Continue to let God break you down so He can fill you back up.

I love you guys and can NOT wait to see photos from tonight, see photos from Costa Rica and the Ranch, and also hear stories about children, interns, and how God changed your life in even more ways!!!


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