21 May


  I realized today, that if I could be better at one thing, I would want to be better at sharing the gospel with others. We don’t know when the Lord is coming back, so we must always be ready. The time is NOW. What are we doing with our time? Right now, I seem to be wasting it writing this blog post. But seriously… Why do we think we can only share the “good news” with others when we go “street witnessing”. We are supposed to be witnesses/ambassadors of Christ. Do you think the ambassadors ever get a break from being an ambassador? No. They are ALWAYS an ambassador. People watch how they act, because they represent a certain place, company, or person. People are watching us. I know I watch people! I love people-watching! So I know that people are watching me (I say that in an un-vain way). What are we doing with this time that we have on earth?

I was so blessed today at the mission’s conference. It got me really thinking. Be praying!


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