Goal of Mine.

24 May

So… I’ve been thinking. If I ever want to be married, have kids, or even live a healthy life on my own, I need to know how to COOK!

If anyone knows some easy cooking sites, recipes, or something… Please let me know!

Also, I am a vegetarian, so if you have any fun and interestingly delicious recipes for a vegetarian dish, please please PLEASE let me know!

Baking… I’m working on it.

I realized that when I cook or bake, it is ALL about the way it looks and its presentation.

I’m artsy in that way. I guess it is cool???

After I get the basics of cooking down, I want to experiment with vegetarian sushiiiiii!


One Response to “Goal of Mine.”

  1. tiffany Tuesday at 10 #

    smittenkitchen.com is definitely my go to- she definitely has a lot of different stuff and lot of meatless dishes

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