The Time Is NOT Now.

29 May

I read this today on another site and thought I’d share it with everyone. It’s something that the Lord has been telling me to do and that I have been realizing that I need to do. God is SO good and KNOWS what is going to come about with our lives. Why do we not wait for His plan? Ugh… Cause we are dumb humans.

“God has an appointed time to answer our prayers and to bring our dreams to pass. Because we don’t understand God’s timing, we live upset and frustrated, wondering when God is going to do something. When you understand God’s timing however, you won’t live all stressed out. You can relax knowing that God is in control, and at the perfect time, He is going to make it happen. The scripture says, “The vision is for the appointed time, Through it tarry, wait earnestly for it, for it will come to pass.”

The key is how are we going to wait? What will our physical, emotional and spiritual demeanor be? Are we going to wait with a good attitude and expectancy, knowing that God has great things in store? Or, are we going to be upset, frustrated, and muttering complaints? Consider this: If you know you have to wait anyway, why not make a decision to enjoy your life while you are waiting? Why not be happy while God is in the process of changing things? We might as well relax and enjoy our lives, knowing that at the appointed time, God is going to bring His plan to pass.

When you are truly living by faith, you can relax in what the Bible calls the “rest” of God. That’s a place where you’re not worried, you’re not struggling, you’re not trying to figure everything out, wondering why something is or isn’t happening. The “rest” of God is a place of total trust. When you’re in God’s rest, you know that at the perfect time, God is going to perform everything He promised: He will bring it into being.

Understand, God is at work in your life whether you can see anything happening externally or not. God often works the most when we see it and feel it the least. If you’re not seeing God move in your life right now, one of two possibilities can be considered. Either your requests are not God’s best, and will probably not be answered the way you’d like, or it must not be the right time. If God were to answer that prayer the way you were hoping, it could interfere with His ideal plan for you.

We don’t always understand God’s methods. His ways don’t always make sense to us, but we have to realize that God sees the big picture. Consider this possibility: You may be ready for what God has in store for you, but somebody else who is going to be involved isn’t ready yet. God has to do a work in another person or another situation before your prayer can be answered according to God’s will in your life. All the pieces have to come together for it to be God’s perfect time. When it’s the appointed time, no man can keep it from happening. When it’s your due season, God will bring it to pass.

Learn to trust His timing. Let God do it His way. When we try to force open doors and make things happen in our own strength, the end result is a constant strain on us and a drain on our resources. Life becomes a struggle. Nearly all joy, peace and victory dwindle from our existence.

Be careful! If God isn’t in what you are doing, you need to make a change. Here is where many people miss out on God’s favor. They know God has spoken to them; He has placed a dream within their hearts. But then they set out trying to fulfill God’s plan on their own. We must be aware that if we get out of God’s timing, it’s the same as getting out of God’s will. We need to be patient and let God bring His plan together at the appointed time. That is not to say that we should sit back passively and expect God to do everything. No, we must aggressively pursue our dreams. But if a door is not opening, don’t try to make things happen in your own strength.

On the other hand, if you’re in God’s timing, you can be in the midst of the biggest challenge of your life, and you’ll still be filled with joy. God will give you all the grace you need. If you will learn to trust God’s timing, He’s promised that at the right time, He will bring your dreams to pass and answer your prayers. The answer will come, and it will be right on time.”


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