Lord, I’m a Firework…

25 Aug


I wanna be like a firework… Fireworks go off when? At night. They light up the sky and people can’t help but notice them. When people notice a firework, they don’t envy them and wish they were the firework, but either they admire them (they watch them, take photos, and just enjoy the fireworks) or the hate them (because they’re loud, annoying, and too much). But in a matter of 5, 10, 15 minutes… The fireworks are done. They’re over. That’s it. And all people have are a picture left in their memory.

So how does that apply to a Christian’s life???

We are called to be a light in this dark, dark world we live in. We go through life and as we walk, we hit issues, dilemmas, change, growth, etc. and each time the Lord should be booming through! When people see us, they shouldn’t wish they were us, but wish that they had what was giving us such joy and satisfaction. But people either listen and accept, or they reject the Lord but will always remember that they had heard His name. We don’t have forever… Our lives are a vapor, so we have to work hard and work now, because before we know it, our life will have that last boom, our show will end, and we will be looking in the face of our Savior.

So… How are we going to BOOM?






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