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why hello again.

4 Jun

Pulling all-nighters create one to think… Like, “What ever happened to that blog i had with the cool bird background?”

why hello – here you are.

Is it wrong that I’m bringing it back? I don’t think so.

Life could not be more exciting for me right now. Newly Married – New Job – New Adventures.

My goal is that on “Darla Days” I will blog. I will write what is going on and more importantly what the Lord is showing me.
I don’t care who reads this or who ever read this page, but what I know is that writing and blogging makes me think & also holds me accountable.

It’s exciting and it’s coming back better than ever.

So, get ready for the most confused blog around the block. One with posts about who-the-heck-knows-what, cause that’s the kinda girl I am.

But for now, peace out as we head to the city of “Brotherly Love” for a quick hello.


Goal of Mine.

24 May

So… I’ve been thinking. If I ever want to be married, have kids, or even live a healthy life on my own, I need to know how to COOK!

If anyone knows some easy cooking sites, recipes, or something… Please let me know!

Also, I am a vegetarian, so if you have any fun and interestingly delicious recipes for a vegetarian dish, please please PLEASE let me know!

Baking… I’m working on it.

I realized that when I cook or bake, it is ALL about the way it looks and its presentation.

I’m artsy in that way. I guess it is cool???

After I get the basics of cooking down, I want to experiment with vegetarian sushiiiiii!


21 May


  I realized today, that if I could be better at one thing, I would want to be better at sharing the gospel with others. We don’t know when the Lord is coming back, so we must always be ready. The time is NOW. What are we doing with our time? Right now, I seem to be wasting it writing this blog post. But seriously… Why do we think we can only share the “good news” with others when we go “street witnessing”. We are supposed to be witnesses/ambassadors of Christ. Do you think the ambassadors ever get a break from being an ambassador? No. They are ALWAYS an ambassador. People watch how they act, because they represent a certain place, company, or person. People are watching us. I know I watch people! I love people-watching! So I know that people are watching me (I say that in an un-vain way). What are we doing with this time that we have on earth?

I was so blessed today at the mission’s conference. It got me really thinking. Be praying!

Sending Off

3 May

Dear Justine Huntington, Natalie Neels, and Justin Tracy Huseman… Today is your commissioning. I can NOT believe that the three of you are finished! I’ll be praying for you all this evening and also in the future. I love you all and I’m so thankful I was able to get to know you guys for a majority of your time!

Girls, have fun in Costa Rica!!! Be safe and be ALL there so the Lord can use you in the extent that He wants!

Justin, I’m excited that you are going to be at the ranch for more time. I’m actually pretty jealous. Hahahaha But seriously, don’t be content there. When we are in a place for a certain length of time, we usually end up being very much fine where we are at. Continue to let God break you down so He can fill you back up.

I love you guys and can NOT wait to see photos from tonight, see photos from Costa Rica and the Ranch, and also hear stories about children, interns, and how God changed your life in even more ways!!!

Nineteen Forty

8 Apr

Waking up on a hardwood floor can be painful and confusing, yet is sometimes what happens in life.  

Waking up, I threw on a parrot shirt and clipped back my outgrown bangs with an artsy leaf pin.

Waking up and walking across to worship the Lord at a place that used to be home.

Awake. Trying on clothes. Curling hair. Applying red lipstick. Rain and Umbrellas.

Yes, that is my day. My day is never the usual, but is always the usual for me. Last night, a dear friend of mine slept over and I had the opportunity to model for her today. She is making a portfolio of photos from each decade. I returned to Philadelphia just in time for the 1940s. Feeling like a child, I dressed up in my grandmother’s clothing and waited at the train station for my lover to return home.

My friend’s name is Jaci Bailey and she is such a cute photographer. Check her out at…



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