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why hello again.

4 Jun

Pulling all-nighters create one to think… Like, “What ever happened to that blog i had with the cool bird background?”

why hello – here you are.

Is it wrong that I’m bringing it back? I don’t think so.

Life could not be more exciting for me right now. Newly Married – New Job – New Adventures.

My goal is that on “Darla Days” I will blog. I will write what is going on and more importantly what the Lord is showing me.
I don’t care who reads this or who ever read this page, but what I know is that writing and blogging makes me think & also holds me accountable.

It’s exciting and it’s coming back better than ever.

So, get ready for the most confused blog around the block. One with posts about who-the-heck-knows-what, cause that’s the kinda girl I am.

But for now, peace out as we head to the city of “Brotherly Love” for a quick hello.

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